Atlaz is now Hygger

Although this site primarily focuses on, we do occasionally pivot and take a look at other competitors in the productivity landscape.

Altaz & Hygger

If you were already signed-up with the productivity tool Atlaz, you may have seen an email towards the end of December that the service was shutting down by the end of the year.  Then suddenly, without any reference to the Atlaz branding, a message came from Hygger that “all your boards and tasks are safe and sound.”  Hygger, which apparently is a Danish word for “cozy” (and pronounced “hue-ger”), provides common productivity features such as Kanban Boards and Gantt Charts, but it does have a few unique value propositions.


Hygger’s Kanban Boards offer swimlanes, which makes them much more useful than a single-lane tool like Trello, but it does create visual clutter.  The columns are semantically meaningful, so moving something to the “Done” column gives it a status of “complete”, unlike boards in Trello and Asana. Hygger’s Boards also offer pre-populated filter options such as “My Tasks” and “No Effort” along with the ability to instantly graph your tasks by effort vs. value on a Cartesian graph with quadrants helpfully labeled “Big Bets, Quick Wins, Time Sinks, and Maybes.”  Unfortunately, it does not look like there is an easy way to switch between Board and Gantt views (though you can manually add tasks to both).

Hygger Screenshot
A graph of tasks by effort vs. value

Compared to Coda

Although it is more feature rich than Trello, Hygger definitely feels constraining compared to Coda.  There does not appear to be any way to add custom fields to tasks, so you’re essentially stuck with description, value, effort, attachments and comments. Likewise, without a way to zoom-out or edit via a non-board view, the Kanban Boards quickly become crowded.

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