What’s New?

Coda was highlighted in ProductHunt‘s Daily Digest today.  So, I thought we’d take a look at what other news and information is out there regarding Coda.

Existing Coda users received an email update in late December with the subject line “New features, and a gift.”  The gift was a limited number of beta invites to allow existing users to explore Coda and it’s collaboration features with their team.  The new features highlighted included: improved copying and pasting with automatic column format assumptions, table lookup column format and formula, and automatic revision history.  Current Coda members can view the release updates from the Gallery.

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NOTE: As of 12/18/17, Coda is in closed Beta. Request access here: https://coda.io/signup.

What is Coda?

Not to be confused with the code editor Coda 2, Coda.io  goes out of its way not to refer to itself as a database.  This wording might be carefully chosen to avoid scaring away novice users who will be integral in making Coda a team-wide solution instead of a niche tool for power-users.  That said, Coda can be best described as something of a cross between a database and OneNote.

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